This was me pretty much all day Sunday, watching Opening Day baseball games.



Anyways, Opening Day is considered a holiday to many people, including myself. There is always so much hype for the upcoming season and this Sunday’s games did not disappoint.

3 games were played. All with different takeaways.

Obviously the SF Giants game was the game I was most invested in and the one I watched the closest so it will be the game I discuss the most in the post.

Game 1: The Yankees lost 7-3 to the Tampa Bay Rays.


Good News:

  • The Yankees lost.
  • The Yankees did not win.
  • The Rays beat the New York Yankees

Bad News: No bad news here! The Yankees lost!

Game 2: The Cubs lost to Cardinals in a 4-3 walk-off.


Good News:

  • It was a thrilling baseball game by the defending World Champions and their imgres-1rivals.
  • Both starting pitchers looked great.
  • Cardinals LF Randal Grichuk had 3 RBIs, putting him on pace for nearly 500 RBIs this season. Good luck to him on that.                                                                                         (Future RBI King, Randal Grichuk, above)

Bad News:

  • The Cubs didn’t score until the 9th inning, making for a seemingly boring game until the end.
  • The Cubs lost the first game of the season. Not good seeing there hasn’t been back to back champs in 15+ years.

Game 3: The Giants lost 6-5 in a walk-off to the Diamondbacks.

Good News:

  • Giants Pitcher Madison Bumgarner hit two home runs.

Bad News:

  • A pitcher, is the Giants best slugger.
  • ANOTHER blown save by the Giants bullpen.


Well it was a day full of ups and down for the San Francisco Giants to say the least.

Inning 1-5:

The game started with 5 perfect innings from the Giants ace, Madison Bumgarner.

No hits, walks or errors were allowed at this point in the game by the Giants and this would have been the very first Opening Day Perfect Game in MLB history and the first No-Hitter on Opening Day in over 70 years.

For the difference between a Perfect Game and a No-Hitter, click here.


In addition to his 5 innings of perfection, he also did this in the top of the 5th inning.

Inning 6:

His perfect game bid was ended in the bottom of the 6th inning by a triple from Diamondback Catcher, Jeff Mathis. The rest of the inning, Bumgarner was roughed up even more and ended up giving up 3 runs.

Inning 7:

With the game now tied 3-3 in the top of the 7th inning, guess was Madison Bumgarner did?

MadBum, as he’s commonly referred to as, is known for his intensity and for regaining his composure quickly. This was just another example of that.

This was also the first time a pitcher has hit two home runs in a game, on Opening Day.

He pitched a dominant 7th inning before he was relieved by Derek Law, with the Giants up 4-3.

Inning 8:

Derek Law quickly let up a run, allowing the game to be tied again.

Law was replaced by rookie Ty Blach, who got the next two outs and was replaced to Hunter Strickland to record the final out of the inning.

Inning 9:

The Giants scored a run in the top of the 9th to regain the lead at 5-4, and Giants fans rejoiced, knowing that it was time for the debut of their new closer, Mark Melancon.

Melancon(below) has been a dominant closer in the league for multiple years, recording almost 53377522150 saves in that past 4 seasons combined.

He recorded the first two outs of the inning very quickly, but that’s when the Diamondback hitters decided to turn it up.

A double and 3 singles later, the Giants lost in typical fashion. A blown save.

The Giants had an MLB worst, 30 blown saves last season, the most since the Seattle Mariners in 2008 with 31.

The final “Good News” for the Giants is that it can only get better from here.

I’m excited to see what the Giants and the rest of the league has in store for fans the rest of this season!


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