I will not sit here typing about how I think the San Francisco Giants were robbed last October when they lost to the Cubs in the National League Division Series. The Cubs were the better team and let’s be honest, it was nice to see the Cubs win something for once.

As a Giants fan, I thought I was going to see more “Even Year Magic”, that the team usually pulls out of nowhere, every other October. I mean, 2016 was supposed to be their year(again), right?

Wrong. The Cubs had other plans.

For some clarification, the Giants have been on a championship binge this decade. They have won the World Series 3 times in the last 7 seasons(2010, 2012, and 2014). Some would call this amount of winning a fluke but I, along with many sports writers, would like to think of it as a dynasty.

It is any sports fan’s dream to watch their team win a championship but to watch it happen 3 times in 5 years, was personally unbelievable.

It also really helped that whenever the Giants won, my dad would buy me a new Giants hat with the brand new World Series patch. He’s a bigger fan than I am and it was a nice cherry on top, to an already exciting October for me.

2010 World Series Hat
giphy (1)
2012 World Series Hat
giphy (2)
2014 World Series Hat

So, was I salty when the Cubs ruined the chance for a 2016 World Series ring?


Do I want the Giants to wait another 2 years, until 2018, to make another run at the World Series?

Of course not.

The “Even Year Magic” mindset needs to end quicker than Russ and KD’s friendship did in the summer of 2016.

And why not start a new mindset with this season.

The latest reports have said that the Giants have 14/1 odds to win the World Series in 2017. Those are the 6th best odds out of all 30 Major League Baseball Teams and these numbers sound great, compared to the the Giants odds during the years they ACTUALLY won.

20/1 odds in 2010, 16/1 odds in 2012 and 20/1 in 2014.

I also think that having multiple players competing in the World Baseball Classic helps helps tremendously.

The Giants have two of their star players on the Team USA roster: 2012 MVP Catcher, Buster Posey and two-time Gold Glove winning Shortstop, Brandon Crawford.

The way it sounds, the players in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) are having a lot more fun than the rest of the league that is stuck playing spring ball.

The WBC also adds a different level and style of play than most Major League players are used to. Pool play against arguably easier opponents from foreign countries could easily boost confidence for many of Team USA players, not just the ones playing for the Giants.

I am hoping that the more relaxed and fun spring training for Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford will lead to smooth transitions into full season mode come April.

Other Giant’s players also would to contribute, in their usual large ways, to make the team successful. Another dominant year from Pitchers Madison Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto and a little more hitting power from First Baseman Brandon Belt should help in the Giants’ quest for the playoffs.

Some might call my eagerness for the Giants to win another ring selfish or greedy but I just call it passion. But if the Giants do win a ring in 2017, it just might be the start of some “Odd Year Magic”. And I might even get a new hat out of it.